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Stevedores - Bulk & Break Bulk

SANCO is one of the pioneer in stevedoring operations at chennai port for more than two decades. Licence for undertaking stevedoring operations at chennai port was obtained effective from 1st November 1988. For stevedoring operations. SANCO has got its manpower and also to handle bulk vessels with infrastructure facilities. Necessary equipment like Magnet, Grabs etc. for handling scraps, fertilizers, coaking coal, petroleum coke, sulphur, floursper, rock phosphate, Di-ammonium phosphate etc. are provided for effective output. Most of the operations will be unloading the bulk cargo from the vessel transporting to outside warehouse/the wagon/bagging and loading on the trucks.

During the First decade till 1999 we have handled bulk cargo like Fertilizers, Chemicals & Cooking coal for Power Sector for various Industrial units in and around Tamilnadu. We had also handled bulk shredded scrap for Steel Rolling Mills in and around Tamilnadu & Karnataka. On an average we had handled bulk cargo at Chennai Port to the extent of 1.00 lakh Mts. per year.

Fertilisers in Mts.

3.87 lakhs

Sulphur/Rock Phosphate in Mts.

3.31 lakhs

Thermal coal/Petroleum Coke

2.71 lakhs

Shredded Scrap

1.55 lakhs

During the Second decade till 2009 we had handled bulk cargo as operated earlier years the same materials due to the satisfaction of receivers at Chennai Port to the extent of 0.50 lac. Mts per year. The reduction in Tonnage was mainly due to recession period.

Fertilisers in Mts.

1.81 lakhs

Sulphur/Flourspur in Mts.

2.86 lakhs

Steam Coal

0.16 lakhs

Lime Stone

0.07 lakhs

During the commencement of 3rd decade, we had continued the same co-operation from our Customers and in addition to that we have handled Imported Bulk Fertilizers at Chennai Port such as Flourspur, Sulphur, Rock Phosphate in Bulk. We had handled so far in the middle of June 2012 is 1.50 lacs. Mts.


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